Becoming a host family in France

Are you interested in hosting in France? You can be part of our homestay teacher community. Anglais in France is a travel agency which meets the standards for registration with UNOSEL (the French equivalent of English UK) as a provider of homestays for teenagers and adults in France.

Who are the hosts we work with?

Our host teachers are native speakers who share their language and culture with French teenagers, adults or family groups. They live permanently in France. They are eager to host and teach our English language students from their home and assist them in their English learning. All types of families are accepted to the exception of single males.

What are the requirements ?

Our home tutors skills and proficiencies:
  • qualified EFL teachers (TEFL or CELTA), university degree or a PGCE certification
  • professionalism
  •  people skills
  • compassionate and understanding
  • creative

Legal requirement:
  • specific home insurance
  • cleared police check

What is the process?

Contact us via our contact page. Jennifer, the head of our agency will get back to you shortly on the phone. You might want to tell her more about your family and your life, so that we can get to know you better. Then she pays you a visit to your place to meet up with you and your family. Our partners are selected with great care. Our clients trust us to hire the best homes for their children.

The matching process

We edit your host family profile which includes information about you and your family, your interests, hobbies, pictures of you, your house, of where you live. This allows the client to get to know you a little bit before their stay and helps them to pick up the right family.
Based on your profile and the information clients give us, we try our best to match host families and guests with shared interests. Only one guest is hosted per week to guarantee the quality of the immersion.

two hosts for anglais in france

Working with us

We visit all our host teachers at least once a year or every other year, not only to ensure quality immersions for our clients, but also to stay personally in touch with you. We believe that a homestay can only thrive with a host family who makes the stay for the student as rememberable as possible. This means for us that we aim for the best possible experience for the family too. We would like to have each one of your homestays as rememberable for you as it is for the students.

As soon as we suggest your profile to a client, we get in touch with you. Whether or not they choose you, we inform you about the dates the client wants to come, the details of the stay and so on. You are always part of the selection process, we handle your trust in us with care.

The homestay

As the homestay approaches, you might want to prepare everything for your guest. Guests can arrive by train or plane or by car if they live close enough to you.
Stays can range from one to two weeks, as preferred by the client and yourself. The client chooses also how many hours of learning they want to include in their immersion stay with you.
As your French guest is living at his host teacher's home and using the English language constantly, the learning process continues all day, not just during the lessons. Games, sports, outings and dinner discussions are an important part of a successful homestay!

After the homestay

Some guests might want to get back to you and share with you how they got on with their English studies or tell you about their successes at exams they had, some even might want to revisit you and your family! Jennifer will forward the messages she gets and organise a new trip for the participant.

A company with core values

We are a small agency based in South-West France with strong guiding principles.
We aim to provide our clients with the best service possible so we favour quality over quantity. We are one team: we trust each other to deliver the best possible experience to our clients. We are on this shared adventure together. We believe in the host families we select and challenge them with great responsibility from the start of our collaboration. Our work ethics are built on trust and respect. We invest in the future of Anglais in France by taking good care of our host families, our customers and our staff.

We also have a commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environment friendly way, promoting language stays in France rather than abroad and always advocating for train over car or aircraft transportation when possible.

We try to keep it simple no matter the task at hand. We honor our promises to each other, take full responsibility and never put the blame on anyone else. We have a long-term perspective. We’ve worked hard to win the hearts of our clients since 2008 so that we can pride ourselves to be their first choice again when they decide to book another homestay for their children.

We stay curious and always look for innovative ideas. Innovation is part of our DNA. We also pass on the agency values to the next generation by offering internship opportunities to students studying hospitality or modern languages.

If you feel you can be part of our family, let us know about you and we will get back to you!